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China Business and Economy Delegation Visit to QSSEZ
A business and economy delegation from China, Hubei Province has made their visit to Qom Salafchegan Special Economic Zone here on 8th, December, 2018. This delegation, including 8 members and representatives of Hubei Province enterprises, was headed by Mr.Tao Hongbing.
At the beginning Mr.Tabatabaei welcomed the highly esteemed delegation which was followed by introducing his colleagues and a brief presentation of QSSEZ and later on Mr.Tao Hongbing, having introduced his delegation members and their expertise went on talking about the main goal of their trip and visit to QSSEZ.
Considering the potentials and unique features of Salafchegan Special Economic Zone, the Chinese delegation found it of their great interests to launch various business and manufacturing projects in the zone, bringing this fact into account that there still are much more feasibilities of much more practical and profitable projects to be set up in the zone.
Finding out a bit more about each other, two sides decided to go through more details on various possibilities no matter how small or big it would be and study more business and industrial aspects of each other so that they can come to a final conclusion and decision on.
Further, Mr.Tao Hongbing has made official invitation to QSSEZ authorities to make their trip to China, Hubei Province so that a B2B meeting and conference can be held there so that Chinese honorable manufacturers and businessmen can find a close contact with the zone and find out more about its potentials and official steps if they wish to run their projects out there.

Date: 12/25/2018
Source : روابط عمومی