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Managing Director of Salafchegan Zone Qom:
The boom is the solution to the national economy's salvation
Qom - IRNA - Managing director of Special Economic Zone of Salafchegan Qom said: the issue of production boom is the main solution to rescuing the national economy from the existing pressures and if the amount of Iranian goods is increased by improving the culture of consumption of people and compliance with standards, the sanctions of the enemies will be ineffective.

Seyyed Mehdi Alizadeh Tabatabai said in an interview with IRNA on Tuesday: "Over the past years, with the promotion of culture, the popularity of Iranian goods has grown, and manufacturers have to increase the level of production prosperity in the country. Inland will raise their product level more and more on their agenda.
He added: "If we close the doors of foreign goods to the country in order to protect Iranian products and the domestic producers, in order to increase their quantitative and qualitative level of products, cannot achieve the goals of the realization of the issue of production boom." Therefore, the protection of Iranian goods should be accompanied by increased quality and compliance with domestic and international standards by manufacturers.
"When domestic production is booming, new job opportunities are created in the country," he continued. "If people are looking to buy foreign goods, then there is no prosperity in national production, and not the opportunity to create employment opportunities." New used.
In another part of his remarks, Tabatabai said that special economic zones were created to help the issue of the national production boom, said that in special economic zones, production is a priority and all facilities for its development are used, and in the same The relationship of more than 80 percent of the economic activity formed in the special economic zone of Salafchegan Qom is also produced.
Pointing out that the purpose of special economic zones is the creation of mobility in the country's economy, he said: the important difference between regions Special economic zones with free zones are also highlighted in priority areas, but in the free zones, more trade is flourishing.
He continued: "Due to facilities designed to carry out economic activities in special areas, the cost of production in these areas is low, and domestic producers and investors can market their goods at a lower cost and ease."
The year 1398 was named by the Supreme Leader of the Revolution as the year of the "production boom."
The Salafchegan Special Economic Zone, 50 km from Qom, was approved by the Council of Ministers on a 2000-acre plot of land in 1997. This area is the most important and the closest area of special economic
To the political and economic center of the country, located along the Silk Road, the national railway and the main north-south and east-west highways of Iran, and to communicate with Europe, the countries of Central Asia and the Persian Gulf for the production, export and transit of goods , Has a privileged position and can play a decisive role in the macroeconomic environment of the region and the country.
Currently, 120 industrial and commercial units are active in this area, which represents 87% of the units licensed to operate in the region.
Section Salafchegan one of the five provinces of Qom at a distance of 40 kilometers from the city of Qom.

Date: 4/30/2019
Source : روابط عمومی