(QSSEZ) gets connected to country railroad network

Qom Salafchegan Special Economic Zone (QSSEZ) gets connected to country railroad network
Qom governor, remarking the importance of connecting QSSEZ to country railroad, stated:” This is a project which can be defined as one of resistive economy plans and should be accelerated.”
According to public relation of QSSEZ, Mr.Seyed Mahdi Sadeqi, Qom Governor, during a resistive economy committee meeting held in Qom Provincial Government here on Monday, said:” Qom Salafchegan Special Economic Zone, considering its crucial location geographically and in the heart of the country, can be regarded as a Dry Port in Iran.”
Pointing to this fact that QSSEZ has got a good capacity to transit, collect and distribute goods, he added:” This zone should be regarded as a national issue not Qom province merely. That is why this project is among great national projects carrying many advantages for both the whole country and national railroad network, not just Qom Province and thus it should be categorized as one of profitable investments.
In response to Iran Railroad Organization Managing Director’s predicting transit of more than 3 million tons of cargos on the first stage of this project, Qom Governor said:” This estimation can be much more than this raising up country transit potentials.”
QSSEZ is located in 50KM distance to Qom and as the nearest special economic zone to the political-economical center of the country, is located on the Silk road, close to country railroad network and on the junction of transit roads from north to south and east to west. That is why it is geographically unique in position and plays a key role in joining European countries to Middle East and Persian Gulf ones and hence it has got a crucial role in country mega economic status.
Establishing QSSEZ in an area of 20000 M2 in 1997 was approved by Board of Ministers. It’s ideal location on the transit highway of country and getting access to more than 60% of industries and population density plus enjoying a mild climate, has got more advantages for it compared with other special economic zones.
Currently, there are some investors form Italy, China and India running their plants in this zone and some spare parts of oil industrial projects are supplied through these investors and plants.
There have been more than 117 operation certificates issued for different manufacturing plants out of which 100 manufacturing plants are operating right now.
Mr.Tabatabaei, Managing Director of QSSEZ, being also present in this meeting, remarked this fact that connecting this zone to national railroad network is one of resistive economy plans approved last year, said:” There was a will to support this project financially from the province fund provided to finalize the infrastructure of the project.”
He continued stating that the Planning and Management Organization finally issued an instruction putting this project among national ones by which a fund was allocated it and thus any financial support was considered illegal to be saved on this project.
“Following that a fund of 50 Milliard IRR was devoted to railroad organization out of national fund and another extra 50 Milliard IRR is supposed to be added during the current year.” He later added.
Joining QSSEZ to national railroad network was started in 2014 which covered a distance of about 13KM and is expected to be finished this year.
Managing Director of Qom railroad organization, Mohsen Etemad, stating some amount of 270 Milliard IRR finance predicted for this project, said:” Out of this amount, some 110 Milliard IRR was spent on supplying bridge and pavement construction instruments and some 100 milliard IRR is committed by QSSEZ. However, we are ready to finalize rail construction of about 3KM right now.”
Pointing to this fact that last year supplying this amount of 50 milliard IRR was coincided with end-of-year activities and could not be met, this year it can be achieved through national funds and continued stating:” Managing Director of country railroad organization suggested to issue an official letter to be signed by Qom Governor and Head of Islamic Parliament to be sent to the Head of Budget and Planning Organization to accelerate receiving this fund.”
Referring to this fact that this project is among resistive economy plans demanding 1285 milliard IRR, he added:” So far the contract of about 535 milliard IRR have been made and bringing this fact that it would be a huge amount of fund, this should be for sure considered as of one of resistive economy key projects.
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