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  • World FZO Weekly News | August 11, 2020

World FZO Weekly News | August 11, 2020

World FZO Weekly News | August 11, 2020
Date :9/12/2020 / Visit Count : 489 Source:public relations

World FZO Weekly News | August 11, 2020
Qom Salafchegan Special Economic Zone (QSSEZ) And COVID-19 Pandemic

Late in 2019 and during the early days of the first month of New Year 2020, as people all around the world were getting ready to celebrate the arrival of New Year (2020), a shocking news grabbed the attention of the entire world and put them all deep in great sorrow. Since coming to existence in December, 31, 2019, in its mainland China, Wuhan, the outbreak of this notorious virus named as Coronavirus, later on known as COVID-19, started its job of taking the lives of millions of innocent people. Shortly after its outbreak, lots of countries got affected by this virus, leading the whole trading and industrial activities to a chaos and tough situations. Following the measures taken as precautions by governments and state authorities, all activities and organizations, both private and public sectors, got blocked and the world entered into a long run lockdown. It looked as if the world is under attack of aliens whose weapons are so tiny; yet, so destructive and unknown to all. It took months for governments and state officials to come to a point of stability and peace with their own people supplying them with the most crucial supplementary items to meet their initial and vital needs so that they can survive not getting infected by this virus. The coronavirus pandemic has infected more than 9.9 million people and killed more than 490,000 worldwide since late January, when it was first reported. The outbreak spread from the Chinese city of Wuhan to more than 180 countries and territories—affecting every continent except Antarctica. Efforts to stamp out the pneumonia-like illness have led to entire nations enforcing lockdowns, widespread halts of international travel, mass layoffs and battered financial markets.

Qom Salafchegan Special Economic Zone (QSSEZ), as one of the industrial hearts in Iran, has also been affected by coronavirus pandemic and almost all its companies got stuck in lockdown situation stopping their routine activities. However, since the beginning of this pandemic, the authorities of this zone have taken drastic measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 on their home front and placed blanket bans on almost all restrictions of some kind.
Below are coming a list of the steps taken by QSSEZ as precautions to keep both its staff and all companies located in the zone in safety margin.

Among the most important decisions made and measures taken as precautions in QSSEZ since the outbreak of COVID-19, we can refer to some of them as follows:
 Spotting the companies located in Salafchegan Special Economic zone manufacturing detergent, cleansing and other stuff which can be applied to help the public health and taking supporting measures to boost their producing capacity.
 Applying and improving e-communication means and halting ordinary paper works.
 Wearing masks and gloves throughout the zone became mandatory as a preventive step.
 Stopping common weekly and monthly meetings and exploiting other media as remote communication means.
 Disinfecting the whole area, buildings and offices periodically.
 Introducing those staff suspected to be contracted with COVID-19 virus to health clinics and providing them with some days off as sick leave.
 Distributing detergents in form of jell or liquid among staff and releasing personal hygiene regulations brochures throughout the zone.
 Providing can foods in canteens during lunch break.
 Keeping the companies located in the zone informed of the latest news, instructions and regulations issued by local and national authorities in regard with coping with coronavirus pandemic.
 Following up and keeping close relation and cooperation with public health organizations and authorities and holding up flyers and banners concerned with coronavirus in all parts of the zone.

The authorities and Management Board of Salafchegan Special Economic Zone under close supervision of its Managing Director, Mr.Tabatabaei, are perpetually following up such steps during coronavirus pandemic to cope with this global issue as effective as possible and do their utmost to take every single step to diminish its negative humanitarian, trading and financial impacts through holding up daily and weekly inspections they make from various companies and parts located in the zone.

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